Getting Kids to Help Around the House: Chores for Children and the Working Mom

October 24, 2011

If you’re a working mom, chances are you’re often running out of time finishing off chores and errands around the house.Yes, it isn’t being easy being a working mother but it doesn’t mean that you spread yourself SO thin.

What it does mean is that we need to put in place a stronger support system. A working mother does not only need the support of her spouse and care providers, she also needs the support of her kids. Yes, that’s right.

Its time to let the kids get more involved in the day-to-day running of the house and do chores that are age-appropriate and even, relevant to their lives.

Here are a few ways in which you can get kids to do chores and make their working mom’s life easier:

Identify Chores that Kids Can Do

Begin by first spending some time listing chores that your child or children can do. It is easier if you have multiple kids, because then you can spread the chores out equally. However, even if you have a single child, you can identify chores that he can do on different days of the week.

Keep age and interest in mind when making the list. If it seems none of the chores would interest your child, create interest. For example, raking the garden may not interest your daughter, but you can create interest in your son for the activity by terming it as a great way to build muscles!

Motivate the Younger Kids

Younger kids can be motivated to keep up with their chores by using chore charts that use stickers or stars to keep them inspired and encouraged. There are several free and fun options for you to choose from at websites such as , Successful Family Chores  and Moms Who Think.

Give Older Kids Privileges

Older kids, too, can be inspired to keep up with their chores by using a chore chart and a better reward system. For instance, reward a tween who does all his or her chores in the week by letting him choose from a list of “privileges”. On the flip side, a child who does not do their chores gets certain privileges revoked.

Learn to Let Go

As you hand over chores to your children, let to let go a little. Sure, the dishes may not be dried perfectly, but at least they’re dry. Nagging the children or criticizing them constantly will not lead to a happy mood for anyone. So, be patient and understanding and instead, enjoy the time you’ve just freed up!

How do you get your kids to help around the house?


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