Here are a few things our readers have said.

Mommy Brings Home the Bacon addresses the topic of separation in a universal way that is just right and adaptable to many working moms. Early childhood teachers and caregivers would be able to benefit from reading it aloud to their students.”

Mrs. Robin Schleimer, Kindergarten Teacher at Warner Avenue Elementary School for Over 17 years, Mother of Two

“Great book with fantastic illustrations.  I think it is really timely and appropriate for this day and age, actually any day and age, with almost 75% of all children being cared for by non-custodial parents during the day.”

Tamar Andrews, Preschool Director for Temple Isaiah Preschool, Mother of Two

“As a mom with a full time job out of the home, it is often difficult explaining to our children why mommy is at work while other mommies are ALWAYS at school helping out or why other mommies can pick their children up at school each day, the list goes on and on…Nikki has done a wonderful job articulating the words a working mom often has a hard time expressing to her children, in a way they can understand. I applaud Nikki for this book!”

Jody Gerson, Co-President Sony/ATV Music, Mother of Three

“Mommy Brings Home the Bacon is a fabulous tool for teaching young boys that mommies, like daddies, are capable of taking financial and emotional care of their families and that mommies, like daddies, can be professional role models for their sons.”

Rebecca Kaufman, Lawyer, Mother of Three

“Nikki Mark has written a children’s book that every working mother with young kids needs to own. It’s a great tool to help children understand and accept why Mommy works, and it is an incredible gift to mothers who experience similar pains of separation.”

Tamara Jensen, President of I.D.O. Events, Mother of Two

“From my perspective, what I liked best is how it explained to the kids that a lot of mommies go to work, including the people that they are with everyday (nanny, teacher etc).  I think that what most kids don’t realize is that all mommies work, whether at home our outside the home, but most importantly that mommies always have time for their kids no matter what.”

Leslie Sarto, Account Executive at Lancome, Mother of Two

“A charming, sweet story with adorable illustration that so many of us, children and mommies alike, can relate to. Mommy Brings Home the Bacon touched me to the core as a mother, and as a daughter whose mother worked while growing up. It is my daughter’s favorite book. She likes to read it to me.”

Debbie Cerrito, Account Executive Clear Channel Communications, Mother of One

“Nikki Mark gracefully weaves the plight of working women everywhere into a tale that is charming, humorous and emotionally relevant for children today. Mommy Brings Home the Bacon delivers an inspired lesson to all of us about love, responsibility, and the balance between them.”

Chris Carter, Writer, Mother of Three